Clients’ names removed for confidentiality.

“To Mervat. Working with you was a positive experience from the beginning. I didn’t really know what to expect but on meeting you, I felt confident that you were someone we could trust had the ability to support us. You are warm, perceptive and gently challenging, which was helpful for both me and my husband

Our experience of EFT was challenging as you shone a light on some of my behaviour which contributed to the negative dynamics in our marriage. The same goes for my husband so you helped us to see how some negative patterns were impacting on how we related to each other. Things are definitely better after working with you. We still have a little work to do, which i’m sure will continue throughout our lives but I feel much more confident in my ability to stay connected to my husband, which is why we came to see you.

I would highly recommend you to couples needing support and also, Emotionally Focused Therapy as a model.
Thank you for your support, you are great at what you do.”

“It was hard trying to find a counselor who would be able to speak Arabic and English and understand both cultures in addition to accepting online video sessions.  I was so lucky to finally find Dr. Mervat who is bilingual, understands different cultures and is very passionate about what she does yet very professional as well. 

It’s been such a nice journey of self discovery and understanding, which I wouldn’t have achieved without her. She is very engaging, and allows for personal development and understanding. Giving space for self analysis and self understanding, and helping individual decision making. She has taught me some things about psychology and made me enthusiastic about learning more every week and reflecting and reading in between. 

I am very grateful for the efforts that Dr. Mervat has made, and all the help she has given me with all her heart. And I believe what she has taught me, and the space she has given me to discover myself and others will stay with me much beyond the sessions.”

“Thank you, for your listening ear, your patience and your support.

It was a hard journey but we are glad that we began with you at marriage care.

With our thanks & prayers for God’s blessing on you & your family.”

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you, thanks for your time, support, patience and expertise.  So lucky people out there like you and services like marriage care.

Thanks again.”

“We would both like to thank you so much for giving up your time to help us.

You will always be in my heart and prayers.

Thank you so much.”

“I have known Mervat for three-and-a-half years, since becoming her clinical supervisor when she joined Marriage Care which is a registered charity working in the field of couple relationship counselling and education.

During this time, Mervat and I have met on a monthly basis for supervision of her case work.  Mervat is a conscientious counsellor and supervisee who works integratively with clinets, demonstrating the expected core skills, including warmth, empathy and respect and working to professional standards in accordance with the values and ethical standards of Marriage Care, which is in turn an organisational member of BACP.

As a supervisee, she is diligent, well prepared and open to challenge.  I find Mervat to be warm and willing to engage and to be able to reflect on her experiences inside and outside of counselling to the service of our clients.”

Mervat’s Supervisor C. G.

“I have known Mervat Khalaf who volunteers as a Relationship Counsellor at Marriage Care, Birmingham Centre since she applied to join the team in November 2012. She qualified in relationship counselling by completing the Certificate in Relationship Training (CRC).

Mervat has demonstrated her hard work and commitment to the role as Relationship Counsellor, working with couples who come from any background.

Mervat is self-aware. She is reliable, enthusiastic, motivated and a good time keeper. She maintains a professional confidential approach to her work and her clients.

Mervat studied at the University of Edinburgh and Sterling University to gain her diploma in counselling. Prior to starting her profession as a counsellor, Mervat qualified as a doctor in Egypt.

She is able to work in both English and Arabic. She is keen to extend her skills and knowledge to become highly effective in each situation which arises now and in the future.”